Text Chemistry Review (2020): Is It Worth It? My Verdict

We are all going to spend more time at home due to coronovirus.

However, dating and molestation did not stop. We are just going to change how we adopt it!

Now is not the time to run it safe and cold – you need to develop “chemistry” in the text messages sent to your people.

That’s why I decided to buy and read Lesson Chemistry by Amy North, the best-selling author, and relationship coach.

This cheeky program teaches women how to keep men interested through text messages during all stages of dating.

In my review of epic text chemistry, you will learn everything you need to know about that book, including whether text chemistry techniques can benefit you and your dating habits.

let’s get started.

This review includes affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you want to buy the book. However, this did not stop me from sharing the good and the bad about it.

What is text chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a popular dating program designed by popular dating and relationship coach, Amy North.

The program consists of the main e-book, a 13-video series, as well as 3 bonus e-books that focus on specific aspects of texting (below on this).

The 13-video series is a particularly good addition to the program. They provide a summary of the information in the primary book but in a way that really confirms the main points for you.

Overall, text chemistry is designed to make men psychologically obsessed with women and provoke them to do things they have never done before. Amy North teaches women how to create ‘sexual chemistry‘ within text messaging.

Whether you’re glorified or in a solitary relationship, Amy North’s new guide works – just ask the thousands of women she’s helped around the world.

There are many women who do not know how to progress with communication in the digital world when it comes to flirting and dating.

They often feel paralyzed, stuck, and shy. They do not have the self-esteem or confidence to successfully text with people.

But text chemistry can make those negative feelings a thing of the past. Answer’s texting technique can help keep the juices between the sexes well and flow properly.

(See a unique video introduction to text chemistry below. Amy North also offers some free tips and techniques that you can start using today)

Who is Amy North?

Amy North (pictured above) is a Canadian dating coach based in Vancouver. She is also a popular YouTuber and best-selling author.

Life’s mission in the North is to help women “keep” their dreams that are not always easy to achieve.

Her online dating programs Text Chemistry and The Devotional System have sold nearly 100,000 copies, changing the way women around the world navigate dating and love.

(You can read my comprehensive review of the devotional system here).

North holds a degree in Social Psychology and offers one-on-one sessions in dating and breakup coaching to her growing client.

North’s YouTube channel has over 540k subscribers and 140 videos offer priceless advice.

Amy North is definitely a name to watch.

Why I decided to review dating guides for women

Why is a man writing a text chemistry review article?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with reading a dating program designed for the opposite sex. This is how we learn and I am always interested in how women think and work.

My website Hack Spirit has become one of the leading relationships and practical self-improvement blogs on the Internet. I need to present my readers with diverse perspectives on these things.

I believe that lesson chemistry involves some powerful techniques for women who are trying to survive in the dating jungle.

And for anyone reading the book, it does offer some incredibly valid points about the ‘internal functioning’ of our gender.

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